Plugin review: Site Kit by Google

Site kit by Google
Site kit by Google

Google released its Site Kit plugin almost half a year ago (October 31, 2019). In this review, I would like to present Site Kit’s main features and show you why you definitely need to have this plugin running on your site as well.

Effortless integration to Google services

One-click integration with most popular Google services

Before Site Kit was released, connecting your site to Google services was a complicated process. Often you needed to install several plugins, spend time with configuring them and after all of this, you still didn’t get the value you expected. No need for that anymore. With Site Kit 1.4.0 you can smoothly integrate your site to:

  • Search Console
  • Analytics
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • AdSense
  • Optimize
  • Tag Manager

With just a few clicks you are able to set up your new Google Analytics account and connect it to your site. Already have a Tag Manager? No need to hassle either, just press connect and after allowing Google to access your data, you are done.

Most important stats at one place

Google Site Kit dashboard widget

Every time you login to your site administration, you are presented with daily updated and most important statistics. Based on your integrated services, you can view in the Site Kit’s dashboard following stats:

  • Acquisition overview
  • Search funnel
  • Top search queries for your site
  • Most popular content
  • Mobile & Desktop speed index
  • and more

To access more in-depth statistics you can visit respected Google service through the link in the Site Kit dashboard.

No real-time analytics

While Site Kit can show you the most important stats, it is missing real-time analytics. For that, you still need to access Google Analytics.

Some users also reported Site Kit as buggy. I have experienced some errors as well, when I installed it on a site that already had other plugin, that was using Google charts library for example.


While WordPress users gave Site Kit average rating of 3.5 stars. I think it is definitely worth more. Plugin is well supported and almost every two weeks receives an update with bug-fixes and functionality enhancements.

Thanks to its ease of use and great value for the little effort, I ‘ll make sure that Site Kit is installed on every project I work on.

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