Crazy Horse, South Dakota, September 2018

As you probably already know, my name is Matej Podstrelenec. I would like to share here some of my knowledge and experience. But don’t worry, I will also post some stuff related to my hobbies, favorite books, hike trips, dog Maco and more.

What I do

I am a programmer focused on WordPress and ecommerce solutions. My first project was a custom made site for today’s most popular cycling apparel shop in the Middle Europe – in 2009. Since then I’ve developed e-warehouse solution for Cyklodresy and many other apps and services.

I first worked with WordPress in 2012 during my master thesis project. I love the idea of open platform and the way that WordPress works. Today I’am helping my clients manage their sites as well as develop custom plugins for them.

Except that, I work as a half-time programmer for Swedish company Navetti which does price management (recently acquired by Vendavo). My job is to develop custom plugins for their price management tool called PricePoint.

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